About VAULT.

VAULT is an online alternative music project. Initially intended as a collaboration between online musicians, it has developed over the years, changing hands between a group effort and a solo endeavour, and continues to evolve as a unique musical experience. Music is entirely non-commercial and all records are made for free.

The music of VAULT is complex and difficult to define, and has concentrated more on the creativity of alternative and experimental styles rather than the pursuit of any specific or set genre. many records play with a variety of themes, such as ambient, electronica, industrial, minimalism, drone, noise, metal and doom, with the idea to challenge and subvert the idea of music, and to offer an outlet for musicians with similiar inclinations to promote their own songs. Over 15 musicians have appeared as artists under VAULT, including December Nightskies and Falsewander.

As the project has run for almost six years at the time of writing, and has suffered a number of gaps, giving a comprehensive breakdown of its history is best begun by separating its terms into “Old VAULT” (2010-2011), “VAULT 2” (2013-2014) and “New VAULT” (2015 to today).


Founded in 2010, the project was originally designed to create a single record based on paranormal and horror themes. Initially, the production of this record was to take two months. So much material was received however, that it was completed in just a few weeks. Named “One”, a companion EP “One.5” was quickly finished shortly afterwards, based on the songs submitted during the projects’ first expedition into the unknown.

Enough interest was drawn so that soon records were being made regularly. Over the next several months, a loose team of contributing artists was developed. In addition, the occasional musician who would appear rarely or only once was encouraged to appear to promote the diversity of the music. Under this direction the project was a success and 8 records were created over several months. “You Will See Such Pretty things”, “Melee”, and the massive “Demikhov’s Haunt” are some examples of the excellent work accomplished during this period.

In late 2010, “Virginia” was released. After this, the project was mostly retired due to creative concerns. A number of recent ideas which had failed, such as “Ruthless”, “Dementia”, and “Hell” had contributed towards this, and the project ceased to continue as collaboration. In 2011, two compilation records were finished, highlighting the main achievements of the project. In Autumn 2011, the project closed, with a view for this to be entirely.


In late 2013, the projec twas rebooted as a collaboration again. “Strangers” was released on 2013 Hallow’een, featuring artists that had appeared on previous LPs from the project. Its days as a group were to be limited however, and it was closed to other musicians shortly afterwards. In the time to come, it continued as a solo project. In later 2013, a short experiment called “Unravelling” was recorded.

In Mid 2014, “Terminitia” was completed. Almost 3 hours long, this was an ambitious project designed to create a series of atmospheres that felt the emotions of a genuinely depressive, paranoid, and violently nightmarish environment. The idea of Terminitia was to explore a sense of pure organic malevolence and hopelessnesss, the lack of logic in the world, and a positivity of vice and senselessness.

In Summer 2014, a short EP, “Perishing Things of Clay” was recorded. Based out of this, “Lost Property” (named after the luggage lost on everyday transit commuter trains) was born. In Autumn, the project was terminated again.


Although somewhat completed in 2014, “Oubliette” was released in early 2015. This record was a departure from the usual electronica-driven approach of the past, and focused purely on a doom metal sound, featuring full guitars, drums, bass and synths, as opposed to a purely synth or sampled based approach. In the Easter of 2015, “The Shadows in the Mirros that Flutter” followed, which was a continuation of the doom metal sound from before.

In Summer, the third major work of VAULT “The Plains of Annihilation” was completed. This was the seventieth record of the project and featured an artist from the original days of VAULT’s conception.

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